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Our job is not simply to be plumbers; we are dedicated to protecting our community from disease and health risks through sanitary plumbing practices. We go above and beyond to assure every piece of plumbing in your home is working properly to protect your household from an unsanitary or defective plumbing system. So if you just want fast and cheap work, we may not be the company you’re looking for. We pride ourselves in superior craftsmanship with quality materials. We value family, respect, and our reputation. Hill Plumbing Services is trustworthy and dependable… after all, “you have my word on it!”






Meet the crew: 


Michael P. Stephenson, Owner
30+ years trade experience
18 years with Hill Plumbing








Tim M. Hill, Back Flow Prevention Technician
55 years trade experience
40+ years with Hill Plumbing








Ed Lopez, Service Technician
8 years trade experience
5 years with Hill Plumbing








Michael K. Washington, Service Technician 
9 years trade experience
4 years with Hill Plumbing








Asher J. West, Waste Water Technician 
6 years trade experience
5+ years with Hill Plumbing








Ryan Horning, Service Technician 
5 years trade experience
4 years with Hill Plumbing








James C. Hodge, Apprentice
2 years trade experience
2 years with Hill Plumbing








Cynthia Raines, Office Manager 
11 years with Hill Plumbing








Mitzi C. Garrett, Secretary
4 years with Hill Plumbing









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