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Hill Plumbing Services originally began as Hill Plumbing in 1951. T.L. (Tulsa Lee) Hill recognized a need for a dependable plumbing contractor in the Lufkin area and established Hill Plumbing to meet that need. At the same time, Hill Plumbing also did appliance repairs along with residential, commercial, and new construction.

When T. L. Hill decided to retire, his son Tim M. Hill bought his business (around 1970) and expanded the repairs division while discontinuing the appliance repairs in order to focus on plumbing. Tim ran a very successful plumbing shop offering training and education. In fact, many of the plumbing contractors in the Lufkin area received their training by working for Tim. Tim turned his focus to new construction, allowing newer shops to open and gain market share. This atmosphere helped the smaller businesses to prosper and in turn gave the Lufkin community more opportunity to grow.

In 2002, Tim felt the need to spend more time relaxing and fishing, so he sold the company to Mike Stephenson. Tim remains in a semi-retired status while doing the back-flow testing and repairs. In today’s market place, most contractors just want fast and cheap work. Mike is not willing to sacrifice a good sanitary plumbing system, nor Hill Plumbing’s reputation, for a profit so Hill Plumbing only does select custom-built homes. They still specialize in servicing existing residential homes with great concern and respect for your property, health, and safety. In 2007, to help their clients save time and money, they introduced the Preferred Customer Service Agreement. This offers priority scheduling, preventative maintenance check-ups, savings of 15% or more on labor, and much more! With Hill Plumbing, “they’ll do the job right… you have Mike’s word on it!”





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